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A folder containing a variety of assignments designed to teach Freshmen about the Library and information sources of all kinds.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Researching a Career, Assignment
Students are asked to research career paths using library resources or the online Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Finding a Book/ Using the Catalog, Assignment
Students are asked to watch the Library tutorials on using the SOUTHcat Catalog. They are then asked to choose a topic, find a circulating book, email themselves the catalog record, and from their own email account forward the record to the instructor.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Magazine, Trade Journal, Scholarly Journal Comparison, Assignment
Students are asked to choose 3 periodical, one of each type, from the Current Periodical shelves in the Library. They must then answer several questions by looking at the articles in each.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty List of USA owned Trade Journals--Use with Exercise Above
Here's a list of the trade journals the University Library shelves on the second floor, south side. Choose one to compare to a academic/scholar journal and a magazine to complete the "Comparison" assignment.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Different Kinds of Periodicals--Use this with Exercise Above
This is a webpage that compares newspapers, magazines, trade journals and scholarly journals by audience and use. Some databases where they can be found are included
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Wikipedia Assignment
An assignment designed to allow student to actively create or edit articles on Wikipedia and thereby allowing them to understand a variety of issues surrounding web authorship and authority.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Website Evaluation Assignment
This assignment is designed to alert students to the difference in purpose and often in quality among websites coming from different .edu .org .com .net.
Freshmen Seminar Faculty Website Evaluation Form
Students are to complete this form using the Website Evaluation Assignment instructions.

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